Moorhead, MN Heavy Winter Storm – 1/2/2017

Daytime Video Footage From the Moorhead, Minnesota area as a Heavy 2 pronged Winter Storm Takes it's first Hit on the area with over 8 inches of deep heavy snow wreaking havoc on all forms of transportation! Video Includes, Stuck in Deep Snow, Trucks/Cars and Snowplows!
Shot Description

Clip 1. 4×4 Pickup Truck Stuck in Deep Snow in Moorhead, Minnesota.

Clip 2. Close Pickup Truck Stuck in Deep Snow Tire spinning slowly POV.

Clip 3. Close POV of Truck Racing Engine and Spinning tires and snow failing to get out of Deep Snow Drifts!

Clip 4. Extreme Heavy Snow Falling with cars struggling to Move Forward in shot!

Clip 5. Giant Snow Removal Machines Spinning Tires and getting Stuck in Deep Snow trying to Bust through new fresh 5 foot snow drifts along sides of Buildings!

Clip 6. Close POV of Giant Snowplow tires Spinning stuck in snow.

Clip 7. Snow Plow Pushing a 4 foot wall of snow ahead of its blade!

Clip 8. Tow Plow Unit Plowing I-94 in Minnesota and Spreading Salt and Sand on Ice Covered Roads.

Clip 9. Father and Young Toddler Work Hard Shoveling deep snow together in Downtown Moorhead, Minnesota Close POV!

Clip 10-13. Heavy Snow Blower operations in Moorhead area some getting stuck in snow!

Clip 14. People walking and driving in deep Snow!

Clip 15-17. Large Road Graders ultra close POV plow snow into the camera!

Clip 18. Cars Covered completely in Deep Heavy Snow.