6/4/2015 Storm Chaser HIT BY SIMLA CO TORNADO B-Roll

New insane video of Verne Carlson being hit by the Simla, CO Tornado

er and Colorado Springs, CO Markets
Description: Storm Chaser Verne Carlson was chasing the Tornado near Simla, CO when he followed what he thought was a country Dirt Road to get out of the path of the storm.

The dirt road ended up becoming a dead end road that was basically a several mile long driveway to someones house and it did not continue as the map suggested.

Clip 1 Large Violent tornado over an open field.

Clip 2 Large Violent tornado with huge hail falling and splashing into a pond.

Clip 3 Dash camera footage of the tornado moving towards the pickup truck.

At time code 2:11 the tornado forms right behind the house. The winds are blowing from left to right in the video.

At time code 3:20 the tornado hits Verne\'s truck and spins 90 degrees to the left.

At this point the winds shift from Left to Right and become more head on with large debris flying towards the camera.

At time code 3:30 the winds and debris are now flying and blowing from Right to Left. A 180 degree shift in the winds as the tornado hits the vehicle.

The truck sustained serious damage. The topper on the truck bed was ripped off and the frame appears slightly twisted now.

Dash Camera footage ends at Time Code 3:41

Clip 4 Hand held camera of the same content form when the tornado hit the truck but is extended footage that shows a lot of debris hitting the truck and then the tornado moving off after it hit the farm and the chasers. This clip ends at 9:58

Clip 5 Aftermath walk around of the Ford Ranger of what was left of the truck. The topper was ripped from the truck bed, the contents in the truck bed that were not bolted down were sucked out of the truck bed.