3/16/2010 Red River Valley Flooding stock video

3/16/2010 Stock footage of the Wild Rice River flooding its banks and creating major flooding that impacted Richland County, ND.

Footage of huge chunks of snow drifts breaking off into flowing water that was rushing into the Wild Rice River.

Video clips of Interstate 29 with signs warning of water on the road at mile marker 39. Various road closed signs at roads that were washed out.

Footage of water rushing over roads and cutting paths through the gravel roads. Video of farms flooded out and rushing water as the water flows from the fields and into the ditches along the sides of roads.

Video of a road that was destroyed by water with deep cuts into the road with boulders thrown about from the power of the rushing water.

Catalog#: 03162010A_HD
Total Run Time: 9;33;16
Format: HD
License Type: Rights Managed

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