8/28/2005 Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans, LA Stock Video – Raw Master 06

B-Roll footage of the Contraflow traffic on Interstate 10 at Williams Blvd. on 08/28/2005 as people waited to evacuate the area with less then 24 hours before Hurricane Katrina makes landfall. Video includes aerial shots from a closed off overpass of the massive traffic jam in all lanes of traffic heading towards the west. This footage catalog starts out with the final aerial Pre Katrina skyline shot of the city and then aerial footage of the massive traffic jam moving towards the camera. Additional footage of National Guard and Police directing traffic into the Contraflow lanes on Interstate 10. Catalog ends with footage of some of the last flights out of the city from the airport and close up shot of the airport terminal and control tower.

Catalog ID: Katrina_Raw_Master_06
Total Run Time: 7;43;00
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