Northeast Illinois Freezing Rain - 1/16/2017

Jesse Walters of JWSevereWeather documents a freezing rain event during the morning hours of January 16, 2017 in metropolitan Chicago, in 4K resolution.
Shot Description

Shot 1 - Lake County Department Of Transportation snowplow removes slush and ice accumulations from roadway on route 83 in Grayslake, Il

Shot 2 - Ice accumulation on Illinois Tollway Parking Lot at the Lake Forest Oasis

Shot 3 - Ice accumulation on a cargo van in Wauconda, Il

Shot 4 - Ice accumulation on grass blades in Wauconda, Il

Shot 5 - Ice accumulation on a blue ford pickup truck in Wauconda, Il

Shot 6 - Ice accumulation on a small tree alongside Interstate 94 and Lake Avenue in Skokie, Il

Shot 7 - Traffic flow along Interstate 94 just north of the Lake Forest Oasis

Shot 8 - Lake County Department of Transportation salts roadway in rural Mundelein, Illinois

Shot 9 - Ice accumulation alongside curb at Lake Forest Oasis

Shot 10 - Rain freezing on pavement in parking lot while excess runs off into storm drain

Shot 11 - POV driving shot along southbound Interstate 94 at Lake Cook Road

Shot 12 - Slush and mist from box truck tires as it drives a lightly treated road