Iowa City, IA - Heavy Fog - 2/7/2017

After a mild and sunny Monday, Tuesday started with falling temperatures and fog as a cold front approached Eastern Iowa.
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6/17/2016 - Driving In Hail With A 360 Camera

Just a little something we were hanging onto for a mid winter down time to post for our Youtube Fans. Here the 360 camera on the roof of the Jeep in a hail storm somewhere in Central Minnesota in southern Stearns County.

Extreme Close Lightning Strike - 5/10/2011

Archive footage catalog of an extremely close lightning strike that hit power lines during a tornado warned storm in Minnesota.   Footage runs in real time and 2x slow motion.

Rice Lake, WI Extremely Thin Ice Truck Recovery From Rice Lake - 1/31/2017

Seriously People, stop driving on the ice in the upper Midwest, the ice is not safe with all the above average temperatures in the last few weeks!!!

Rice Lake, WI Heavy Snow & Snow Clean Up - 1/30/2017

Clipper system brought heavy snow to the Rice Lake WI area this late morning into the afternoon. This video package shows the heavy snow falling and a few near accidents along with snow removal.
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Mannsville, NY Interview & Intense Whiteout Lake Effect Snow - 1/29/2017

Interview with father & son about the Lake Effect Snow. Frequent whiteout conditions making travel nearly impossible near the town of Mannsville, NY.
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