Extreme Blizzard in the Catskills from Middletown to Endicott, NY - 3/14/2017

Footage of police and firefighters at their finest: helping dozens of stuck and stranded motorists including a wrecked snowplow in a brutal March blizzard slamming the Catskill Mountains of New York. Footage of towns buried by over 2 feet of snow.

Plymouth, MA - Plymouth Rock, High Winds & Waves - 3/14/2017

Footage of the high winds and strong waves smashing into the waterfront in Plymouth, MA at Plymouth Rock.
Shot Description

Clip 1 Water crashing over the historic Plymouth Rock in Plymouth, MA.

Clip 2 High wind and waves in the harbor.

Incredible Blizzard Time Lapse & heavy blowing snow from Lagrange, NY - 3/14/2017

Several full-storm timelapse sequences from Lagrange NY, which received 16-18" of snow. Also, shots of wind-blown snow while traveling, stuck vehicles and people using snow blowers.
Shot Description

Harrisburg, PA Massive Winter Snows - 3/14/2017

The powerful Nor'easter of mid-March 2017 continues to impact many parts of the mid-Atlantic area as well as the northeast. Footage is from the Harrisburg, Pa area.
Shot Description

New Paltz, NY Extreme Blizzard VOSOTs

On camera interviews with snow plow drivers in Ulster County, NY and extreme blizzard conditions affecting the town of New Paltz, NY.
Shot Description

Newburgh, NY Cars Stuck & Crashes in Blizzard - 3/14/2017

Jack-knifed semi truck on Turnpike, SUV stuck in raging blizzard, cars buried in deep snow, pedestrians walking in blizzard, emergency vehicles in blizzard. Newburgh, NY slammed by vicious March Blizzard.

Chicago, IL Lake Effect Snows - 3/14/2017

Jesse Walters of JWSevereWeather documents heavy lake effect snowfall during the morning commute in the Chicago Metro. A lake effect snow warning was in effect at the time of filming.
Shot Description

Poughkeepsie, NY Blizzard Nightmare - 3/14/2017

Blizzard shots of people freeing stuck cars, cars sliding, people struggling to walk down the street in blizzard conditions, people shoveling & snow blowing.
Shot Description

Clarksburg, MD Roads Crew Clearing Snow - 3/14/2017

Road crews work through blizzard conditions to clear I-270 and other roads in far northern suburbs of Washington, D.C.
Shot Description

Blizzard Begins in Trenton, NJ - 3/13/2017

Blizzard begins in Trenton NJ! Blizzard warning with footage of people clearing snow off of vehicles and loading groceries, snow plows clearing and salting New Jersey Turnpike. High winds blowing heavy falling snow. Traffic driving through heavy falling and blowing snow.


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