Copenhagen, NY Ridiculous Deep Snow - 1/5/2017

Copenhagen, NY Buried by over 2 Feet of Snow: town buried, people fighting though heavy snowfall, cars and homes under deep snow, horse and buggy in heavy snow, car accidents in deep snow, measuring deep snow.

Watertown to Copenhagen, NY intense lake effect snow - 1/5/2017

Intense Lake Effect snows created blizzard conditions off Lake Ontario, near the towns of Watertown and Copenhagen NY during the late afternoon on Thursday January 5th. Snow accumulations, people walking in blizzard conditions, snow clearing efforts, wind-driven snow.

Denver Area Heavy Snow around DIA - 1/5/2017

Snow fall and conditions in and around Denver International Airport, Aurora and Rural Elbert County, Colorado.
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Watertown, NY Complete Whiteout Blizzard - 1/5/2017

People and motorists struggle to navigate the streets of Watertown, NY as complete whiteout conditions overtake the city. Intense lake effect snow bands drop heavy accumulating snow in a short period of time.
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Jefferson County, NY Intense Lake Effect Snow Bands - 1/5/2017

Local folks in rural New York battle intense lake effect snow east of Lake Ontario.
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Adams, NY Overnight Extreme Blizzard - 1/4/2016

Lake effect snow creates extreme whiteout conditions along I-81 on the eastern shores of Lake Ontario.
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Minneapolis, MN Brutal Stinging Cold - 1/4/2017

Video Footage Capturing the Sharp and Stinging Sub-Zero Cold Air made Dangerously Enhanced by a steady 15MPH North Wind creating wind chills in the -20 range leading to rapid Frostbite on the afternoon streets of Minneapolis Minneasota.
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