Rice Lake, WI Snow Scenes - 3/23/2017

Over night light snow covered the ground this morning, as winter is trying to hang on.
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Large Hornet Nest Under Electrical Transformer - Archive Footage

Archive footage of a Hornet Nest under an electrical transformer on top of a utility pole.  Tight and wide shots showing Hornets flying into and out of the large nest that was build directly under a electoral transformer.

Intense Vivid Northern Lights / Aurora Borealis over Leech Lake - 3/22/2017

The hole in the sun's atmosphere "coronal hole" is allowing the solar wind to escape toward Earth and causing the northern part of the lower 48 states to see bright auroras.
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El Reno, OK Twistex Memorial Lightning - 9/16/2013

Archive footage from a non forecasted storm while I was visiting the Twistex Memorial back in 2013.  The storm literally came out of nowhere and gave me a vivid lightning display along with a lowering and rotation.

Cruise Ship Sets Sail in Key West - 3/19/2017

Time-lapse and normal footage of the sunset and cruise ship departure on the advent of spring. Empress of the Seas departing dock at Mallory Square in gorgeous weather.
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Record Breaking Heat Early in Phoenix - 3/19/2017

Record-breaking heat impacted the Phoenix, Arizona metro area this weekend with highs topping out in the middle 90's across the city. Phoenix Sky Harbor logged the new record on Sat. in the late afternoon hours.

Hanover, PA Gusty Winds Cause Drifting Snows as cleanup continues - 3/15/2017

This afternoon and into the evening hours very gusty winds cause drifting snow, white out conditions and numerous accidents in the southern Pennsylvania area. All thanks to the nor'easter of March 2017.
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