Boise City, OK Severe Storm - 5/21/2017

A severe storm produces amazing structure, hail, and vivid lightning as it rolls across the Oklahoma Panhandle on Sunday evening.
Shot Description

1) Storm base on a severe thunderstorm in the Oklahoma Panhandle.

2) Pan shot on high based gust front.

Laredo, TX Extreme Winds Flooding Damage - 5/21/2017

Footage is from the intersection of Interstate 69 West and Mines Road. Not sure if there was a tornado or not, but there is a lot of RFD wind damage for sure.

Additional footage of extreme flooding.
Shot Description

Flash Flooding at Turner Falls OK State Park - 5/19/2017

Torrential rainfall caused Turner Falls at Turner Falls State Park to flow at unbelievable rates. Submerging the bridge below the falls as well as the restroom facilities.
Shot Description

Archer County, TX Dramatic Lightning - 5/19/2017

Dramatic lightning and severe storm footage over North Texas during another round of severe weather over the Plains.

Flash Flooding in Davis, OK - 5/19/2017

Torrential rain in excess of 6-10" in places of southern Oklahoma caused flash flooding in many roadways.
Shot Description

Wagoner, OK Shelf Cloud, Storm Damage - 5/19/2017

A line of severe storms moved across the eastern half of Oklahoma Friday evening with torrential rains, flooding, and high winds that did damage across the region.

Key West, FL Time Lapse Of Cruise Ship & Rain Storm - 5/19/2017

Time-lapse and normal time clip sequence showing the drastic change in weather over 30 minutes as the cruise ship Carnival Sensation departs dock B at Mallory Square in Key West Florida. From sun to heavy rain to sun in under 30 minutes.


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