Emporia Kansas, Tornado Warned Storm - 3/6/2017

Tornado warned cell near Emporia Kansas
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Huxley, IA Upward Lightning In Slow Motion - 3/6/2017

Lightning filmed in super slow motion after a powerful line of thunderstorms pushed through central Iowa.
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Shot 1: Tree lightning shot in 240FPS
Shot 2-4: Lightning shot at 480FPS

Tornado Chase, Minnesota - Live Stream

Live stream from southern MN in the tornado watch area as a storm is developing near Redwood Falls, MN.

Goldfield, IA Hail Storm & Severe Thunderstorm - 3/6/2017

A slight risk of severe weather prompted a tornado watch in the state of Iowa and surrounding states. Multiple severe thunderstorm warnings were issued and large hail and high winds were observed.
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Long Beach, Nassau County Long Island, NY High Wind Warnings - 3/2/2017

High Wind, and Coastal Storm Warnings are hoisted for Long Island, as powerful winds batter the south shores of Nassau County in the town of Long Beach.
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Extreme Tornado Footage of Standard & Washburn, IL Tornadoes - 2/28/2017

Stock Footage Archive of the Standard & Washburn, IL Tornado shot on 2/28/2017

Footage from the tornadoes that impacted the Standard & Washburn, IL area during the tornado outbreak.  

Perryville, MO Tornado And Damage - 2/28/2017

Damaging night time tornado illuminated by transformer explosions. Storm chasers witness complete destruction of a home just a few hundred feet from where they had positioned.

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Tornado forming right in front of the camera near Morris, IL - 2/28/2017

Video of a tornado forming near Morris, IL as traffic drives towards the tornado and power flashes can be seen at the ground level.
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