Ridiculous Car Crash Compilation - Part 3

This is the third part in our compilation series called "Ridiculous Car Crashes" and "Slip and Slide" winter weather from the crew at StormChasingVideo.com

Michigan City, Indiana, Lake Michigan Powerful Waves - 4/6/2017

Will Wight of JWSevereWeather documents large waves and driving winds from Michigan City, Indiana.
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Carroll County, MD Near Flood Conditions & High Creeks - 4/6/2017

Severe thunderstorms head into many areas of the mid-atlantic region today. In northern Maryland heavy rains contribute to some flooding and creeks at the edge of over flowing.
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Taneytown, Md area
Piney Creek by Teeter Road :

Rockaway, NY Lightning Storms Flooding 4k - 4/6/2017

The first strong thunderstorms of the Spring season bring lightning, torrential rains, and flooding to Rockaway Beach, along the south shore of Queens County, NY.
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Crazy Dangerous Close Lightning At The Beach, Nokomis, FL - 4/6/2017

Risky woman surrounded by shopping bags hides under a plastic tarp to protect herself from intense lightning on an otherwise deserted Nokomis Beach as an intense line of thunderstorms moves onshore in Nokomis Florida.
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Atlanta, GA Heavy Rain & Lightning - 4/5/2017

First is side blowing rain in east Atlanta tonight, last few clips is near the Atlanta airport with cloud to cloud lightning also some with airplanes landing with lightning in background.
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Scotts City, MO Vivid Lightning, Supercell - 4/4/2017

Footage of tornadic supercell with rain-wrapped circulation, dramatic lightning, hail falling, huge wall cloud near Stotts City MO

Palm Coast, FL Thunderstorm Timelapse

A 2-hr timelapse sequence of a thunderstorm rolling in at sunset, with lightning flashing as night falls.


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