BNVN launches new video production spin off.

After months of planning, we are happy to finally announce the new video production company, Ultimate Footage.   Http://  

Video: Denver, CO wicked cold weather

BNVN's Tony Laubach was out in the cold today...  shooting footage of the cold weather in Denver, CO. 

The blog video is posted on our page

Video: 12/24/2009 Tulsa Blizzard video

Justin shot some crazy footage today in Tulsa, OK of the blizzard and ice storm conditions

Here is the link to the video.

12/24/2009 Christmas snow storm video from around Minneapolis, MN

I just got back from covering the winter storm in the Minneapolis, MN area and got some great footage.  Video of cars smashed up in the ditches with rescue personnel.  Additional footage of snow plows and airplanes being deiced.

Video: 12/23/2009 Two new blog videos of the big winter storm system hitting the midwest.

We have two new videos this afternoon of the epic storm system that is starting to impact the midwest. 

The first video is from Tony Laubach out of Denver, CO that shows heavy snow and pretty much a huge traffic nightmare for the holiday travel.

12/14/2009 Minneapolis, MN overnight snow storm video.

Minneapolis snow storm video

Location: Minneapolis, MN
Description: 12/14/2009 Minneapolis, MN overnight snow storm hits the metro area hard.

Several inches of snow fell after midnight with the hardest hit areas along the I94 and 694 interchange on the north side of the metro.

Sarah Palin visits the Mall of America

Sarah Palin and her family made a visit to the Mall of America today to meet fans and autograph copies of her best selling book "Going Rogue". 



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