Video Title: 07/11/2004 Traffic Camera Explosive Storm Sewer Flooding Video

Currently in the middle of a massive update and adding about four dozen new videos to our archive.  We are lucky enough to have found the other insane flooding video from the exploding storm sewer in Minneapolis, MN on 35W and 35th Street.

Minneapolis exploding storm sewer video

Insane Kirksville, MO tornado video added to the stock video archives.

We are updating the stock video archives with dozens of new catalogs and to launch the new additions this week, we have one of the most insane and we dare say best up close tornado videos every caught on tape.

Our stringer Tornado Tim Baker shot this insane footage of the Kirksville MO Tornado.

Video: 02/08/2010 Minnesota Winter Storm

Location: Saint Cloud, MN
Description:A powerful winter storm hit the Midwest and dumped almost a foot of snow in places in central Minnesota.  The snow caused major traffic delays and hundreds of accidents from Saint Cloud to the Twin Cities metro area. 

Heavy snow falling 01/29/10 Valley Center Heavy Snow


Video Blog: 01/25/2010 Willmar, MN Blizzard footage.

We uploaded a new video to our extreme weather video page from the Blizzard that hit western Minnesota today.

BNVN launches new video production spin off.

After months of planning, we are happy to finally announce the new video production company, Ultimate Footage.   Http://  

Video: Denver, CO wicked cold weather

BNVN's Tony Laubach was out in the cold today...  shooting footage of the cold weather in Denver, CO. 

The blog video is posted on our page

Video: 12/24/2009 Tulsa Blizzard video

Justin shot some crazy footage today in Tulsa, OK of the blizzard and ice storm conditions

Here is the link to the video.


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