Twin Cities Overnight Wrecks And Travel Headaches - 12/10/2016

Overnight Video Footage of an all out travel nightmare in the Twin Cities with hundreds or wrecks and traffic hazards around every corner as a steady moderate snow system continues across the region! Also includes MSP Airport De-Icing and heavy snow plane take offs!

Southern, MN I-90 Crash And Heavy Snow - 12/10/2016

Video Footage from Far Southern Minnesota from late this Saturday afternoon of the heavy snow bands that caused severe wrecks and travel troubles as it slowly stalled out over the interstate I-90 corridor!

Minneapolis, MN Winter Weather & Fiery Car Crash And Explosion - 12/10/2016

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE VIDEO FOOTAGE of a fiery 2 vehicle crash with Explosions and emergency response that occurred at 10:40pm CST in the Northeast side of Minneapolis in the Interstate 35W and Highway 280 commons area!
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Utica, IL I39 Winter Storm Heavy Snow Travel Headache - 12/10/2016

Major winter storm hitting northern Illinois on Saturday with snow accumulations of up to 3 inches in parts of the region causing numerous accidents on highways as snow creates slick driving conditions.
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Ames, IA, Winter Storm - 12/10/2016

Heavy snow accumulations bring quick burst of 1-2 inches in a short time period. Central Iowa city had numerous car accidents and fender benders. One involved a car vs police car at a slick intersection. On the other side of town, a pickup truck ran over the curb.

Pipestone, MN Snow Storm - 12/10/2016

Video Footage of the rapid onset of Heavy Snow Bands and the quick hitting & Significant impacts it is having on Residents of Southwest Minnesota and Southeast South Dakota!
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Steuben County, NY Slick Roads & Car Accidents - 12/10/2016

Footage of several car accidents with cars in ditches from slick hazardous highways (Interstate 86) in Steuben County, NY as lake effect snow and arctic blast continues to plague the Great Lakes.

Kalamazoo, MI & Martin, MI Extremely Heavy Lake Effect Snow - 12/10/2016

Near continuous doses of heavy lake-effect snow squalls affecting the US-131 corridor of Kalamazoo and Allegan Counties in Southwest Lower Michigan created fairly slow, slippery conditions at times sending a few cars into ditches.
Shot Description

Chautauqua, NY Heavy Lake Effect Winter Storm - 12/9/2016

Footage of:
-car in ditch after sliding off slick snow-covered highway
-deep snow burying cars, houses, and Christmas decorations in Chautauqua, NY
-high winds and deep snow create HUGE snow drifts and cornices!


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