6/5/2015 Kirk, CO RopeTornado and Funnel Cloud

Video of a rope tornado near the town of Kirk, CO in Yuma County. Also includes shots of large funnel over the field, with vivid lightning and loud thunder clap. Various clips of funnels and wall cloud near the town of Kirk.

6/5/2015 Anton and Kirk Colorado Tornadoes

Footage of 5 tornadoes in Eastern Colorado near towns of Anton and Kirk. Close shots of tornadoes from 2 tornadic supercell thunderstorms. Dramatic shots of close lightning strikes.

All footage shot during afternoon/evening daylight on June 5, 2015 near towns of Anton and Kirk, CO.

6/5/2015 Kit Carson County, CO Tornadoes and Flooding

Tornadic supercell produced several tornadoes and flooding in Kit Carson County Colorado. Several types of tornadoes where witnessed from stovepipe to cone and rope tornadoes. Flash flooding also occurred in the county and city as well.

6/5/2015 Vona, CO Tornado B-Roll

Strong tornado forms North of the town of Vona in sparsely populated open country. Horrible roads made the intercept very challenging with a Flash Flood Warning being issued shortly after the tornado.

1: Tornado (zoom)

2: Tornado & Storm structure (wide)

3: Tornado wide shot

6/5/2015 Arickaree, CO Tornado B-Roll

Video of a large tornado south of Arickaree, or southwest of Cope, Colorado. Video includes a total of three tornadoes that came down on this storm, including two at once with a rope and the larger tornado.

6/5/2015 Anton, CO Tornado

New footage from Brandon Sullivan of the Anton, CO

Shot 1: shows formation of a large tornado

Shot 2: slender tornado

Shot 3: slender tornado continues

Shot 4: large tornado with satellite tornado

6/4/2015 Storm Chaser HIT BY SIMLA CO TORNADO B-Roll

New insane video of Verne Carlson being hit by the Simla, CO Tornado

er and Colorado Springs, CO Markets
Description: Storm Chaser Verne Carlson was chasing the Tornado near Simla, CO when he followed what he thought was a country Dirt Road to get out of the path of the storm.

6/4/2015 Simla, CO tornadoes and hail storm B-Roll

Several tornadoes (this is like less than 1% of all video from today). One shot in this video shows supercell base with 2 tornadoes at the same time - one is shrouded in rain but easily visible. Most video shot at 17mm.

6/4/2015 Berthoud CO Tornado damage Hail

Video is the initial on-scene arrival of the tornado\'s path, hail, damaged houses and lightning in the area. storms are stationary and dumping major hail on first responders making search very dangerous.

6/4/2015 Simla, CO Tornadoes

About a dozen tornadoes dropped down near the town of Silma, Colorado today.

Footage includes at least four of the tornadoes touching down in open fields. Vivid video of high contrast tornadoes on the ground.


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