Elk City, OK Tornado and Aftermath with Interviews - 5/16/2017

Covered a rain wrapped tornado till it went thru the town of Elk City. Video is of the tornado, baseball size hail and house and business damage. Interviews with two people who went thru the wind and damage.
Shot Description

1 wide shot of tornado
2 tight shot inflow into tornado
3 storm and fire spotter
4 hail on broken windshield
5 large hail on road
6 hail on lake
7 storm video
8 tight shot of tornado
9 wide shot of destroyed home
10 garage damaged
11 broken window
12 pan shot of damage
13 trailers overturned
14 building roof gone
15 roof hanging from pole
16 uprooted tree
17 line of police cars
18 people waiting
19 wide shot of storm clouds
20 damaged building
21 roof gone
22 police cars
23 collapsed building
24 poles down
25 roof on truck
26 roof
27 roof and office
28 hail damage
29 office
30 interview leonard Beasley elk city
31 interview jake brown elk city