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Russelville Arkansas Storm Damage - 4/26/2017

Strong winds, tornado warnings, street flooding, and hail occurred during the daytime hours northwest of Little Rock in the town of Russellville, Arkansas. Power was knocked out to parts of the city and wind damage was noted including several structures.

Pinckneyville, IL Extreme Winds Blow down Trees - 4/26/2017

Severe storms are blasting across southern IL Wednesday causing damage as they move through. Video contains winds in excess of 80mph taking down trees on camera.

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Asher, OK Thunderstorms - 4/25/2017

During the evening hours of April 25 strong storms formed south and east of the Oklahoma City Metro impacting rush hour travel with strong winds, large hail, and tornado warnings.
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Storm Chasing Live - Team Haxby, Northern Oklahoma - 4/25/2017

Live weather news video. There is a risk of severe thunderstorms for north central Oklahoma and southern Kansas today as severe thunder storms have fired in the area. The Storm Prediction Center has issued Severe Thunderstorm Watch 159 that is in effect until 2:00 AM.

Why did the ducks cross the road?

Just something funny we shot today while out taking care of stuff.  Why did the Ducks Cross the Road?  Who knows?

Ducks holding up traffic on Highway 23 in Saint Cloud, MN

LIVE Storm Chasing from North of Dallas Fortworth, TX 4/21/2017

Brandon Sullivan is live streaming his chase in the north of the DFW area in Texas where the Storm Prediction Center has just issued a Tornado Watch and storms are starting to fire in the region.

Caddo, OK Amazing Storm Timelapse and vivid structure - 4/21/2017

A tornado warned Supercell tracked through Southern and Southeast Oklahoma on the afternoon of 4/21/2017.
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Holliday, TX Hail Storm and High Winds - 4/21/2017

Severe thunderstorms break out in northern Texas on the night of 4/20 into the morning hours of 4/21 dropping large hail and bringing damaging winds.
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