Tornado near Iona, MN and Tornado warned storms in Iowa – 8/8/2021

Two brief tornadoes touch down near Slayton and Iona, MN and a tornado warned storm causes minor damage near May City, IA. Pink sunset near Sioux Rapids, IA.
Shot Description

00:00 – 01:08 Funnel cloud and brief tornado near Slayton, MN
01:08 – 01:50 White tornado near Iona, MN
01:50 – 02:08 Wall cloud near May City, IA
02:08 – 02:23 Tornado warned storm and green precip core near May City, IA
02:23 – 02:41 Rotating wall cloud near May City, IA
02:41 – 03:00 Storm Damage near May City, IA
03:00 – 03:15 Pink sunset with cars driving by Sioux Rapids, IA

SID: Melanie Metz

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