Thick Wildfire Smoke Blankets St. Paul, MN – 7/29/2021

Very thick smoke has worked across Minnesota causing unhealthy air quality alerts to go out all across the state. Across the St Paul area, unhealthy to very unhealthy air is expected now through Friday with reduced visibility. There is also a very thick smell of a campfire across the area. The following video clips from the southwest side of St Paul showing just how bad the smoke was in the city on July 29, 2021.
Shot Description

Shot 1-4: Various clips close, far, and wide of the smokey conditions in downtown St Paul along the Mississippi River looking north-northeast towards the downtown.
Shot 5: Medium shot looking back to southwest across the Mississippi River of the smoke in the trees in the background.
Shot 6-11: Various shots wide and medium from the High Bridge Dog Park with St Paul in background with dogs and their owners in the foreground. Fog visible on the horizon.
Shot 12: Close up from the High bridge Dog Park of the tops of the St Paul city sky line being obscured by the thick smoke.
Shot 13-16: Various wide shots from the east-northeast side of St Paul towards the city with traffic along I-94 and the hazy city in the back drop.

SID: Will Wight

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