Flash Flooding Washing Over Several Roads, Pueblo West, CO 7/24/2021

Stationary storms dump heavy rain creating flash floods forcing the closure of multiple washed out roads in Pueblo West, Colo., on July 24, 2021.
Shot Description

00:00 – Descending drone shot of flooded bridge.

00:18 – Orbit close drone shot of flooded bridge.

00:30 – Overview drone shot of flooding around bridge.

00:36 – Higher altitude drone orbit of flooded road and neighborhood.

00:49 – Drone reveal flyover panning up to see flooded bridge.

01:23 – Drone orbit of home surrounded by floodwater.

01:35 – Lower altitude drone shot of nearly flooded home.

01:44 – Ascending drone with a downward pan of flooded neighborhood and bridge.

01:54 – Higher altitude drone overview of severely flooded creek and flood plain.

02:03 – Stationary wide shot of emergency vehicles blocking traffic from flooded bridge.

02:11 – Pueblo West city worker placing barricades to close flooded road.

02:20 – Tight telephoto of flooded road and traffic waiting.

02:28 – Tight telephoto of torrent of water with vehicles waiting on higher ground.

02:38 – Mid shot of a torrent of water rushing over road.

02:45 – Tight shot of bridge guardrail with water rushing past.

02:52 – Tight shot of debris covering guardrail as water rushes past.

02:57 – Tight shot of high rapids rushing past nearby house.

03:04 – Wide shot of flooded road with traffic waiting.

03:13 – Wide shot of another nearby road flooded.

03:20 – Mid shot of man walking away from flooded portion of road.

03:27 – Tight shot of speed limit sigh surrounded by floodwater.

03:36 – Wide shot of flooded roadway.

03:43 – Trucks attempt to cross flooded roadway and are scolding by emergency personnel

03:54 – Trucks cross flooded roadway.

04:01 – Wide of flooded road with water depth measurement.

04:08 – Closeup of water depth ruler with water level at 2 ft.

04:17 – Flooded creek with water depth ruler.

04:22 – Tight of flooded roadway buckling under rushing water.

04:32 – Driver contemplates weather or not to drive through flooded water.

04:43 – Locals watch and wait for floodwaters to recede.

04:51 – Football floating away in floodwaters.

SID: Trevor Cokley

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