Heavy Snow Falling In Genesee Park, CO – 3/4/2021

Bison graze in the snow as spectators enjoy the view. While travelers squeeze through I-70’s Johnson & Eisenhower tunnels before snow conditions worsen.
Shot Description

1. Bison graze in snow
2. Snowy skies over Bison
3. Bison with I-70 traffic
4. Bison next to tree in snow
5. Spectators photographing Bison
6. Pan of spectators to Bison
7. Bison walking in snow
8. Heavier snow blocks view of Bison
9. Photographer with Bison in background
10. Sign warning of Bison
11. Interstate I-70 On-Ramp at Frisco, CO
12. Traffic on Mtn Pass
13. Traffic on Snowy Mtn pass
14. Entrance to Johnson Tunnel
15. Traffic in I-70 tunnel
16. Poor driving conditions on I-70 Denver bound
17. Snow plow at Genesee Park exit
18. Wide view of Bison

SID: Terrence Cook

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