Second Winter Storm In A Week Hits Oklahoma City, OK – 2/16/2021

Another winter storm impacts the Oklahoma City area bringing moderate to heavy snow, slick conditions, and reduced visibility. The follow clips includes teenagers snowboarding behind an ATV, reduced visibility due to snow, and anti freezing pipe techniques.
Shot Description

Shot 1: Vehicles driver by on a snow covered road with moderate snow falling.
Shot 2: Look from an overpass over the partially snow covered roads in the outskirts of OKC.
Shot 3: Shot of snow falling at an OnCue gas station with dog sculptures in the foreground.
Shot 4: Video of a truck hauling other vehicles parked in the parking lot as snow falls around it.
Shot 5: Vehicles driving through an intersection near a 7 Eleven gas station as snow is falling.
Shot 6: Car stuck in deep snow at an intersection.
Shot 7: Cars parked in a bar parking lot with piles of snow, snow covered road, and moderate snow still falling.
Shot 8: Street light with moderate to heavy snow falling.
Shot 9: Car pulling out of a bar parking lot as moderate to heavy snow continues to fall.
Shot 10: Moderate to heavy snow falling in an OKC neighborhood.
Shot 11-13: Teens planning on snowboarding behind an ATV.
Shot 14: Moderate to heavy snow falling in a snow covered parking lot with a bobcat sitting in the lot.
Shot 15: Trucks driving by the camera and around the snow covered neighborhood as moderate to heavy snow falls.
Shot 16: Dripping water faucet so the pipes to freeze.
Shot 17: Open cabinet next to a space heater to prevent the pipes from freezing.

SID: Samuel Kramer Hunter Conaway

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