Thin Ice Truck Recovery On Rice Lake, Rice Lake, WI – 1/21/2021

This truck went through the ice on Rice Lake, on January 12th about 9:30 in the morning. Ice conditions were preventing the recovery of the truck until today. The crew had to put on floats, as the ice conditions were still dangerous. A cold front slammed through during the recovery efforts. This caused winds to gust up to 30 to 35 MPH at times. Making for a brutal recovery of the truck.
Shot Description

Clips 1-3. Different views of where the truck dropped through the ice on Rice Lake. These were shot shortly after the truck dropped through the ice on January 12th.
Clip 4. The crew pulling the recovery rig out onto the ice.
Clip 5. The crew fighting the wind, and blowing snow while sitting up the recovery rig.
Clip 6. The crew pushing cut ice blocks under the main ice sheet.
Clip 7. Britt climbing out of the water onto the ice.
Clip 8. The crew pushing the rig into the water.
Clip 9. Miles getting ready for his first winter dive.
Clip 10. Miles under the water to hookup the truck.
Clip 11. One of the crew holding Miles lifeline.
Clip 12.The crew pulling the backend of the truck out of the water.
Clip 13. The crew turning the rig, and the suspended truck.
Clips 14-15. The crew now lifting the frontend of the truck out of the water.
Clip 16. Crew lifting the backend of the truck out of the water.
Clip 17. The crew sitting the truck onto planks.
Clip 18. Britt pulling the truck off the recovery rig.
Clip. 19 The crew walking through the shot.

SID: Dirk Miller

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