Utility Crews Work In The Winter Storm To Restore Power – Rice Lake, WI – 12/23/2020

A powerful major winter storm roared into northwestern WI late this afternoon. Rain changed to heavy snow rather fast. Temps also dropped fast causing ice to build up on the powerlines. This in return caused the western and northern parts of the city of Rice to have a power outage. The storm also produce near to whiteout conditions through out the area. This video will show that, and the power crews working to restore power to parts of the city of Rice Lake, WI.
Shot Description

Clips 1-2. Power crews working to restore power to the western and northern parts of Rice Lake.
Clips 3-4. Strong winds causing blowing snow.
Clip 5. Snow blowing off a factory’s roof.
Clip 6. Snow blowing across a parking lot and street.
Clip 7-8. Out in the Barron County on a Country road with near to whiteout conditions.
Clip 9. This clip shows a stop light blowing in the wind and no power.
Clip 10. Shows Kwik Trip and stop lights with no power.
Clip 11-12. City plows plowing main street.
Clip 13. A flag blowing in the strong winds.
Clip 14. Traffic driving in the snow, and slushed covered main street with heavy snow falling.
Clip 15. Snow blowing off another factory’s roof. Snow blowing throughout the parking lot, and street.
Clip 16. Another view of the stop lights without power.
Clip 17. More blowing snow by a car wash.

SID: Dirk Miller

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