Insane Blowing Snowfall As The Winter Storm Blankets – Minneola, KS – 12/2/2020

An insane winter storm, a near blizzard, dumped nearly a foot of snow, sometimes in insane snowfall rates, across extreme southern Kansas. Roads were turned into slushy nightmares with countless slide offs and some drivers simply driving off the road cause they couldn’t see in the snow or tell where the highway ended and the shoulder began. Almost 4 inches of snow fell in the town of Minneola in less than two hours between 6pm and 8pm, totaling 10 inches by 8pm with more snow still falling after that.

Video package shot in Clark County along US-283 around the town of Minneola, about 20 miles south of Dodge City.
Shot Description


Clip 1: POV driving shot passing a scene of a semi blocking the northbound lanes of US-283.

Clip 2-3: Traffic going around the stranded semi on US-283.

Clip 4-6: Oil tanker semi stuck in snow off the highway as tremendously heavy snow falls.

Clip 7-9: Sports car stuck in the ditch off the highway, driver walking from the car slips and falls in the snow as insanely heavy snow falls.

Clip 10: Snow plow moving slowly along the highway with spin off behind it.

Clip 11-13: Shot of a utility truck stuck in the snow with another truck parked along side him.

Clip 14-15: White car spun into the ditch along side the highway in extremely heavy falling snow.

Clip 16-18: Another semi slide off along US-283 near Minneola.

Clip 19-20: Traffic driving in near whiteout conditions as crazy heavy snow falls sideways.

Clip 21: POV driving shot in heavy falling snow.

Clip 22: Star Wars effect along US-283 as 2-inch hour snow falls.

Clip 23: Extremely heavy snowfall in Minneola at the US-283/US-54 Junction.

Clip 24: Heavy snow almost completely whites-out view of a parked semi.

Clip 25-26: Intense snowfall at a gas station in Minneola.

Clip 27: Sideways snow blowing across a street light.

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