Dangerous Lake Effect Snow – Geauga County, OH – 12/1/2020

Nearly 2 feet of dangerous heavy wet lake effect snow takes down trees and branches, and causing widespread accidents in Geauga County, OH.

All footage shot in Geauga County in/near town of Chardon, OH during evening daylight and darkness on December 1, 2020 by Meteorologist Simon Brewer
Shot Description

1-9. various shots of multiple tractor trailers and vehicle accidents, stranded in deep snow causing huge traffic jam on I-90 in Geauga County, OH

10. woman stranded in deep snow in Chardon, OH

11-13. various shots of vehicles stranded in deep snow after sliding off highway Geauga County, OH

14. foot of snow pack on top of vehicle

15-20. various shots of high winds blowing heavy snow with traffic and accidents after dark in Chardon, OH

21-29. various shots of heavy wet snow on trees with snapped branches in Geauga County

30-40. various shots of neighborhoods and bending and broken trees from nearly 2 feet of heavy wet snow in Chardon, OH

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