Winter Storm Travel Nightmare, Mayfield Heights, OH – 12/1/2020

Multiple accidents, numerous vehicles stranded in deep snow as powerful early winter storm buries Mayfield Heights, OH

All footage shot in/near Mayfield Heights, OH during morning daylight on December 1, 2020 by Meteorologist Simon Brewer
Shot Description

1-15. various shots of numerous vehicle accidents, vehicles stuck/stranded in deep snow, and police pushing cars out of snow in Mayfield Heights

16-19. I-271 ramp blocked by stranded semitruck and car accident in deep snow with police assistance

20 & 21. front loader clearing deep snow from a parking lot

22 & 23. snow plow clearing deep snow from highway

24. Holiday shopper braving winter storm in Mayfield Heights

25. SUV driving through deep neighborhood snow in Mayfield Heights

26. snow-covered trees in Mayfield Heights

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