Hurricane Eta, Slams Venice, FL with Flooding, Huge Waves And High Winds – 11/11/2020

Approaching Hurricane Eta sends squalls, wind, heavy rain, storm surge, and massive waves into Venice Florida the morning of Veteran’s day Nov 11, 2020. Hurricane Eta impacting SW Florida coast at Venice Florida.
Shot Description

1) Venice police close Humphris Park at Venice south jetty due to hazardous hurricane conditions.
2-8) Seven shots of massive waves pounding into Humphris Park at Venice Florida.
9) Rolling waves in storm surge come up to edge of parking lot with people in cars watching at park.
10) Brown pelican getting buffeted by wind driven rain in canal.
11) American Flag getting whipped by wind driven rain in residential yard.
12) Palm and power lines in wind driven rain.
13) Jolly Roger pirate flag on boat at marina getting blasted by wind driven rain.
14) Wind driven rain rolling over metal roof.
15) Storm surge warning alert on mobile phone.
16,17,18) Three shots of storm surge to top of sea wall at residential canal front homes.
19,20,21,22,23) Five shots of storm surge at marina with boats floating above submerged docks and water into parking lot. Low-angle gopro.
24,25,26,27) Four shots of wind driven rain impacting road traffic.
28) Watering flowing down road like a creek.
29) Do Not Enter sign at flood road vibrating in wind.
30,31,32,33,34) Five shots of vehicles driving & splashing in heavy road flooding.
35,36,37,38,39,40) Six shots of palms and residential home fronts blowing in wind driven rain. Tree debris.

SID: Brian Dombrowski

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