Wild Horse Fire Rages in Extremely Dry Weather in Colorado Springs, CO

The Wild Horse Fire off of Hwy 115 burns for a second day as over 100 firefighters attempt to contain the fire on Oct. 12, 2020 south of Colorado Springs, Colorado.
Shot Description

00:00 – (night) Mid shot of fire burning trees and brush causing heat distortions.

00:11 – (night) Closer shot of the previous.

00:23 – (night) Wide of previous as traffic drives on Hwy 115.

00:34 – (twilight) Panned shot of hillsides burning off of Hwy 115.

00:56 – (twilight) Fires burning as traffic drives by.

01:06 – (twilight) Fire apparatus parked on the side of the road monitoring a spreading fire.

01:14 – (twilight) Firefighters assess the spreading fire while parked on Hwy 115.

01:22 – (night) Firefighters try to create a line to prevent the fire from spreading back to Hwy 115.

01:30 – (night) Tight shot of fire burning through trees and brush.

01:40 – (night) Mid shot of hotspots and fire along hillside.

01:50 – (day) Military helicopter with monsoon bucket drops water on smouldering hillside.

02:08 – (day) Trees flare up in spectacular fire and smoke.

02:17 – (day) Tighter shot of previous.

02:28 – (day) Fire erupts in front of firefighting vehicles deep in brush.

02:43 – (day) Wide shot of smouldering hillside.

02:54 – (day) Fire claims more trees and brush at the top of the hill as smoke rushes by.

03:07 – (day) Hillside on fire behind structure.

03:16 – (day) Wide overview shot of charred and burning landscape.

03:30 – (day) Mid shot of firefighting vehicle next to flaming tree.

03:41 – (day) Tighter shot of previous.

03:53 – (twilight) Drive by view of the fire dominating the eastern side of Hwy 115.

04:10 – (night) Drive by view of fire overwhelming hillside as firefighters defend the highway.

SID: Trevor Cokley

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