Hurricane Delta, Eye Making Landfall, Creole, LA – 10/9/2020

Hurricane Delta landfall, surge, and eye in Creole, LA on Oct 9, 2020.
Shot Description

1. Flooded road leading to Rutherford Beach.

2. Trees along side of road whipping.

3. Gopro shot of roadway in eyewall. Powelines whipping.

4. Powerlines whipping.

5. Eyewall white-out conditions in Creole, LA.

6. GoPro shot of surged roadway.

7. Raging surge water.

8. Destroyed house being destroyed “again”.

9. Entering calm eye. Surge spilling over roadway.

10. Dead calm, water like mirror in eye.

11. Brief view of blue sky.

12. Second half of storm begins.

13. Gopro shot of second half starting.

14. Myself trying to stand in strong winds.


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