Hurricane Sally Outer Eyewall And Damage, Gulf Shores, AL – 9/15/2020

High winds and heavy rain impact Gulf Shores, AL, as the outer eyewall of Hurricane Sally encroaches into the area. Several buildings have sustained damage, and heavy rainfall has begun to inundate roadways.
Shot Description

1. High winds whipping palm trees and hurricane warning flags
2. “Gulf Waters Closed” sign indicated that beaches are closed
3-4. Rain being blown horizontally by strong winds in a Gulf Shores neighborhood
5. Residents pumping gas at one of the only open gas stations as high winds and heavy rain begin to impact Gulf Shores
6-7. Tree fallen on top of a car.
8-9. A condominium unit with siding blown off.
10. Siding blown off the condominium unit lying on the ground.
11. A piece of siding flying underneath a stilted house.
12. Rainwater flowing rapidly off the roof of a local business.
13-14. Cars driving through floodwaters beginning to inundate local roads.
15-16. Sand blowing and large waves crashing due to strong wind gusts.

SID: Trey Greenwood

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