Tropical Storm Sally Hits Venice, FL – 9/13/2020

Tropical Storm Sally sends pounding surf, surge, wind & heavy rain into the southwest coast of Florida. Video is shot at the Venice Jetty which is an inlet from the Gulf of Mexico at Venice Florida. Large wave pounding jetty seawalls and park area, people interacting with Sally’s weather, road flooding.
Shot Description

1) POV surging wave hits camera at Venice FL north jetty.
2) People with umbrellas walking jetty while seas pound the jetty in rain.
3) Waves hit jetty near picnic table.
4) Picnic table in surge waters.
5) Picnic table with waves hitting wall behind.
6) Waves hitting south jetty.
7) High surf along beach looking SW.
8,9,10) Two more shots of waves hitting jetty and wind blown spray.
11) Park refuse can in surge flood water.
12) Crazy guy in boat out in channel during a tropical storm. Only boat seen out on water.
13) POV wave splashing camera.
14) Looking a waves splash high on jetty with park benches.
15) People in rain coats venture onto jetty with waves splashing.
16) Waves hit behind park benches.
17,18) Surge water submerging dock by sailboat.
19) Road Underwater sign with pick up truck barreling through flood water.
20-23) Four shots of vehicles splashing in flooded roads.

SID: Brian Dombrowski

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