Large Hail And High Winds In Overnight Storms in Corcoran, MN

A major round of severe storms hit the Twin Cities metro area during the evening and overnight hours. This footage was shot on the north line of storms that moved through northern Hennepin and Wright Counties. Footage was shot around the town of Corcoran, MN on Highway 55.

Video includes some driving shots of vivid lightning and lots of large hail falling and hitting the ground and the chase vehicle.
Shot Description

00:00 – Large hail with a orange Golf Ball for reference. This was after the hail had stopped so the hail had melted some before being collected.

00:08 – Two clips of driving with vivid lightning.

00:28 – Driving in the hail core while looking for cover and getting pounded by large hail.

00:48 – Six clips of large hail falling while waiting out the hail storm at a gas station under the canopy for protection.

03:04 – Hail storm continues at another gas station. Seven clips of the high winds and large hail falling.

05:30 – POV driving on interstate 94 towards the storm with vivid lightning.

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