Tropical Storm Isaias, Wind Damage, Nassau County, NY – 8/4/2020

Tropical Storm Isaias affected the southern shore of Long Islans NY with sustained winds over 50mph and frequent gusts to hurricane force. This brought down numerous trees and caused other damage around the area.
Shot Description

SHOT 1: A large tree toppled over blocking a sidewalk.
SHOT 2: Panning shot of a tree that fell over into the street blocking traffic.
SHOT 3: Strong winds blowing sand down the street near Atlantic Beach NY.
SHOT 4: Strong winds starting to rip the shingles off a roof in Rockaway NY.
SHOT 5: Strong winds blowing trash around in Rockaway NY.
SHOT 6: Strong winds and rain soaking a woman walking her dog on the boardwalk.
SHOT 7: Wind damaged an outdoor tent in Long Beach NY.
SHOT 8: Police directing traffic around a downed traffic signal.
SHOT 9: Downed trees along Beech St in Long Beach NY.
SHOT 10: Close-up of an anemometer displaying wind gusting over 60mph.
SHOT 11: Strong winds and heavy surf at Rockaway Beach.

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