Intense Lightning and Tornado Warned Storm, Gilman, MN 7/14/2020

Amazing visual with constant cloud to cloud lightning that looked more like a strobe light was interrupted as the strong inflow continued late into the evening resulting in a tornado warned storm just after midnight this morning, 7/14.

No time lapse in this package or any special editing to the lightning clip. Lightning is raw and just constant flashing with crawling cloud to cloud lightning bolts.
Shot Description

00- 00:17 Short clip of the tornado warned lowering just after midnight.

Clip 00:17 – 2:16 One long unedited clip of cloud to cloud lightning bolts.

Clip 2:16 – 2:44 Storm moving closer with lowering on the leading edge of the storm.

Clip 2:44 – 2:54 Lightning bolt

Clip 2:54 – 4:42 Long version of clip 1 that shows the development of the lowering and possible funnel in the dark as the storm is upgraded from severe storm to tornado warned storm.

Clip 4:42 – end Low light camera view of the lowering and inflow tail. Footage shot in the country in the middle of the night so it was pitch black except for the lightning.

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