Denver, CO Riots – 5/29/2020

Protests over the death of George Floyd erupt as protesters light fires and clash with police on May 29, 2020 in Denver, Colorado.
Shot Description

00:00 – Protesters surround the Denver capitol building as police throw flashbangs.

00:21 – Protesters throw gas canisters fired by police back at them as the scene heats up.

01:03 – Protesters in front of the capitol building flee police.

02:37 – Protesters vandalize a monument shortly before a flashbang goes off.

02:59 – Police shoot gas canisters as they drive by, dispersing a crowd.

03:55 – Protesters set fire to a monument and there’s an explosion.

04:13 – Protesters flee police near the burning monument.

04:26 – Scene with capitol building in background as a monument burns and gas is fired by police.

04:41 – Protesters scream “no justice, no peace” in front of Denver capitol building.

05:04 – Protester in vehicle with megaphone rallies protesters in front of capitol building.

05:30 – Protesters heckle police as firefighters put out nearby fire.

05:52 – Police reinforcements arrive in numbers. Police sirens blaring.

06:10 – Various shots of protesters chanting.

06:41 – Riot police stand guard at an intersection as protesters walk buy. Capitol building in the background.

06:52 – Another wide shot of police in riot gear with capitol building in background.

07:09 – Closeup of police in riot gear with capitol in background, with radio chatter on protester movements clearly audible.

07:23 – A group of bikers rev and wheelie past protesters and police.

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