Tropical Storm Arthur, Outer Banks North Carolina Pre Dawn – 5/18/2020

Pre-Hurricane Season Tropical Storm Arthur Impacts North Carolina Outer Banks.

All footage shot in/near Buxton and rest of Outer Banks, NC during night darkness on May 18, 2020 by Meteorologist Simon Brewer
Shot Description
1. sand and rain blow off dunes in Outer Banks as bands of Tropical Storm Arthur move over

2. low clouds, fog and rain blow past street light in Outer Banks from Arthur

3 & 4. heavy rain from bands of Arthur over Outer Banks

6 & 8. rain and wind blow flags in Outer Banks from Arthur

9. POV heavy rain from bands with Arthur over Outer Banks

10. traffic driving through Arthur bands in Outer Banks

11 & 12. POV driving through rain and fog in Outer Banks

13. American Flag blowing as Arthur approaches
SID: Simon Brewer

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