Five Alarm Fire, Ultimate Sports Bar in Waite Park, MN – 4/6/2020

Just before 9:00 this morning a are fire was reported at The Ultimate Sports Bar in Waite Park, MN and turned into a Five Alarm Fire.

Fire crews from Waite Park, Saint Joseph, Saint Cloud, Sartell, and Rockville responded to a blaze at the Ultimate Sports Bar and Grill which is preliminary being reported a total loss.

There was no word on injuries and the cause of the fire is currently under investigation by local authorities along with the State Fire Marshal has been called in to help with determining the cause of the fire.

Ironically the fire was only about 1,000 feet away from the Waite Park Fire Department and City Hall. The fire was on 11th Avenue and the Fire Department is located on 13th Avenue.

Shot Description
Clip 1 Long shot of the fire down the street with a fire fighter manning a hydrant.

Clip 2 Flames and smoke as the building is on fire with a fire truck next to it and crews attacking the fire.

Clip 3 Pan down shot of the Waite Park ladder truck pouring water on the building as the fire rages and crews on the ground are trying to put the fire out.

Clip 4 Wide shot of the fire and heavy smoke as fire fighters battle the flames.

Clip 5 Tight shot of fire fighters battling the flames.

Clip 6 – 9 Drone footage over the scene as flames and thick smoke fill the area.

Clip 10 Tight shot of fire crews battle the fire.

Clip 11 Fire crews fighting the fire.

Clip 12 Intense thick smoke as fire crews try to fight the fire from the west side of the building.

Clip 13 Tight shot of crews in the intense thick smoke.

Clip 14 Heavy thick smoke as fire crews battle the scene while another watches the scene from the edge to keep an eye on everything.

Clip 15 Tight shot of the crews battling the fire.

Clip 16 Wide show of the scene from Division or County Road 75.

Clip 17 Medium shot of the scene from County Road 75.

Clip 18 Looking up at the bucket truck as crews pour water on the scene.

Clip 19 Crews cut a hole into the side of the building to access the fire in the walls and ceiling.

Clip 20 Crews battling the fire from the front of the building.

Clip 21 Fight fighter looks over the scene from atop a ladder truck.

Clip 22 – 27 Side of vehicle shots showing all the fire crews and police that where on scene.

Clip 28 Police line tape with fire trucks.

Clip 29 Tight shot that shows the Waite Park City Hall, Police and Fire department and pan right to show just how far away the structure fire was to the fire department less then 1,000 feet or 350 meters away. They actually ran water from the fire hydrant outside of the fire department to the scene.

Clip 30 Water from the scene flowing into a drain down the street from the scene.

Clip 31 Heavy construction equipment was brought in to remove hazards from the room and help ventilate the scenes.

Clip 32 Drone shot of the fire breaking through the roof on the north side of the building as the back hoe is trying to ventilate the roof and remove heavy objects like air conditioning and satellite antennas.

Clip 33 – 34 Drone shot of the back hoe removing more objects from the roof.

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