Massive Waves And Nor’easter, Scituate, MA – 4/3/2020

Massive waves smash against seawall and homes, coastal flooding, debris in streets, high winds hammer Scituate, MA from a powerful Nor’easter off the New England Coast.

All footage shot in Scituate, MA on April 3, 2020 during morning daylight by Meteorologist Simon Brewer
Shot Description

1-14. various shots of massive waves pounding seawall and homes in Scituate, MA

15 & 16. vehicles drive through coastal flooding (flooded roads) in Scituate MA

17 & 18. car surrounded by flowing water from coastal flooding

19 & 20. high winds blow water on a flooded road from coastal flooding

21 & 22. high winds whip utility lines in Scituate MA

23. “Road Closed” sign blocking a flooded road with debris in Scituate MA

24 & 25. debris from coastal flooding and massive wave over wash on roads in Scituate, MA

26. high winds blow American Flag in Scituate, MA

27. high winds blow sea foam around house in Scituate

28 & 29. large waves crash against seawall

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