Ghost Cruise Ships Set Sail From The Port of Miami, Miami FL

Cruise ships look like “ghost ships” as they depart Miami without passengers during one of the biggest cruise weekends of spring break season. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced the cruise industry in Miami to suspend passenger cruises for at least 30 days in an attempt to slow the contagion of the coronavirus by fostering social distancing. Erie rare video of cruise ships leaving the Port of Miami without passengers. Coronavirus ghost ships.
Shot Description

12,3) Shots of Norwegian Pearl departing the port of Miami cruise terminal without cruise passengers and heading to the turning basin to turn around before heading out to sea.
4) Close long duration shot showing the upper deck void of passengers as Norwegian Pearl approaches the turning basin.
5,6) Two shots of upper deck areas completely empty as the ship turns in the basin.
7,8) Upper deck basketball court empty.
9,10) Stern dining area empty except for 3 officers in white uniforms.
11) Duplicate shot of #9. Oops.
12,13) Norwegian Pearl heading out towards the Government Cut.
14-19) Six varied shots of the ship Explorer of the Seas leaving the dock in ghost ship mode and heading out to sea without any passengers.

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