Powerful Ground Blizzard hits Otter Tail County MN – 4K – 2/12/2020

New 4k Footage of the powerful Ground Blizzard hitting northwestern Minnesota in Otter Tail County where the temperature rapidly dropped into the double digit sub zero range.

Wind Chill at the time this video was shot was about -45C/F. Yes, C/F since the wind chill was so cold, it reached the point where Celsius and Fahrenheit where the same temperature below zero.

Video includes amazing shots of the full circle Sun Dogs around the sun in the blowing snow.

Blowing and drifting snow in the rural areas to the northwest of Fergus Falls.

Clips of the blowing snow on Interstate 94.
Shot Description

Clip 1 – 2 MnDot signs warning of the Blizzard Conditions.

Clip 3 Whiteout conditions on a rural road northwest of Fergus Falls, MN.

Clip 4 POV shot in whiteout conditions on Interstate 94 where you can barely see the Semi Truck in front of the camera.

Clip 5 POV shot in whiteout conditions on Interstate 94 where you can barely make out the car with the hazards on in front of the camera in the other lane.

Clip 6 Blowing snow over an open field with a line of trees in the background but the sun is out.

Clip 7 Clip of the time and temp sign showing it was -13F air temp at 2:48pm.

Clip 8 American Flag blowing in the strong winds.

Clip 9 -10 Tight and wide shot of a stop sign blowing in the high winds and whiteout conditions.

Clip 11 Parked on the side of the road in the whiteout conditions.

Clip 12 POV driving in blinding whiteout conditions.

Clip 13-14 Footage shot on the Otter Tail and Wilken county line road. GoPro bumper and dash camera shots of the near zero visibility whiteout conditions where you can barely see 10 meters or 30 feet in front of you as the yellow center lines pass by the camera.

Clip 15 Time and Temp at 12:15 in the afternoon showing the temp was -8F

Clip 16 Amazing clip of a full circle sundog in the blowing snow.

Clip 17 Extremely vivid clip of a full circle sundog in Fergus Falls overlooking Interstate 94.

Clip 18 Sundog in the heavy blowing snow in the heart of the ground blizzard.

Clip 19 – 20 Blowing snow over what looks like Arctic Tundra in the ground blizzard.

Clip 21 – 22 Tight and wide shots of blowing snow over a county road and Minimum Maintenance Road that is completely covered by the drifting snow.

Clip 23 Semi Truck parked on a on ramp in the near whiteout conditions covering interstate 94.

Clip 24 – 25 Blowing and drifting snow over a road.

Clip 26 Overhead shot of near whiteout conditions on Interstate 94.

Clip 27 Attempting to drive on a rural country road with the drifting snow covering the roadway until the truck hits a patch of snow that is almost 12 inches deep that makes the road impassible. Depth measured by the bottom of the skid plate on the chase truck bottoming out. Skid plate is 12″ off the ground.

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