Snow storm in LaGrange, NY impacts traffic – 1/18/2020

A fast-moving snow storm dumped half a foot of snow over most of southern New York, causing hazardous travel.

Shot Description

SHOT 1-3: NY State snow plows clearing the roads as heavy snow falls.
SHOT 4: Snow-covered sidewalks and roads as traffic drives by.
SHOT 5: A person clearing snow off their car in a parking lot.
SHOT 6: People pushing grocery carts in the snow.
SHOT 7,8: A local snow plow clears a path in a restaurant parking lot.
SHOT 9: Traffic follows in the path of a snow plow on the Taconic Parkway.
SHOT 10: Traffic driving down Rt 55 in downtown LaGrange NY.
SHOT 11: Heavy snow falling, illuminated by lights in a parking lot.

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