Ice Fishing Ice Castle Recovery – Rice Lake, WI – 1/13/2020

The ice castle that went through the ice back on January 4th, along with the ice recovery equipment. The ice castle was recovered today. The crew had to wait for better ice conditions to recovery the ice castle. The vehicle extraction equipment was recovered last Thursday. I was unable to be there for that. However I was there for the first attempt on Monday January 6th. That didn’t go as planed as the ice conditions still weren’t good enough.
This video package will show the ice castle’s recovery. Towards the end of the video. It will show a small part of the prep and the attempt to recovery their equipment.
Shot Description

Clip 1. Shows just a small part of the roof of the ice castle sticking up through the ice.
Clip 2. The crew cutting the ice out of the way.
Clip 3. Air pockets still coming up from the ice castle.
Clips 4-5. The crew pushing and pulling the ice castle to the recovery rig.
Clip 6. The crew hooking up the cables to the backside of the ice castle.
Clip 7. The crew slowly lifting the backside of the ice castle.
Clips 8-12. The crew pulling the ice castle out of the water onto better ice.
Clip 13. Britt holding a sign that should be on the rig, however they haven’t had time to reattach it.
Clips 14-15. Brad getting ready for his dive into the icy waters to unhook the ice castle from the recovery rig.
Clip 16. Brad going into the water than under the ice.
Clip 17. Brad coming out of the water.
Clip 18. Crew trying to pull their rig onto better ice, however the ice kept breaking away. The recovery of their rig was put on hold.
Clip 19. Some other equipment the crew uses during the recoveries, if needed.

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