Southern Kansas Saturday AM Snowy Travel – 1/11/2020

The back half of a major storm snowed down across Kansas less than 24 hours after severe storms and flooding hit the area. Several inches of snow fell across southern Kansas leading to hazardous travel conditions, particularly for those driving from Wichita to Kansas City for the Chiefs game along the Kansas Turnpike. Snow cleared out of Kansas just before noon as the advisories and warnings expired.

Video package opens with daytime footage from Eldorado, Kansas in Butler County northeast of Wichita and concludes with overnight footage from Wellington, Kansas in Sumner County south of Wichita.
Shot Description

PART 1 (Daytime Morning Footage): Eldorado, Kansas

Scene 1: Blowing snow across the Kansas turnpike with a passing truck in foreground and snowplow going over a bridge in the background. A K-DOT sign warning drivers of ‘Winter Weather in the Area’ along side the highway heading to Kansas City from Wichita.

Scene 2: Snow falls on K-DOT sign warning drivers of winter weather.

Scene 3: POV driving shot in blowing snow following two semis and a car passing a K-DOT sign.

Scene 4-6: Traffic driving through low visibility blowing snow near the Eldorado exit, sign barely visible in background).

Scene 7: Snow plow turning onto the Kansas Turnpike.

Scene 8-9: Snowplow on the KS turnpike as another one crosses over the turnpike on a bridge in heavy blowing snow.

Scene 10-11: POV driving shots behind a snowplow as it clears snow off the Turnpike.

Scene 12: Snowplow in the city of Eldorado.

Scene 13-16: Shots of traffic on snow-covered roads in the city of Eldorado.

Scene 17: Heavy falling snow against trees.

PART 2 (Nightime Footage): Wellington, Kansas

Scene 18: The “Star Wars” effect, POV driving shots in heavy falling and blowing snow covering the highway.

Scene 19: Stationary shot looking forward down the highway as traffic drives in heavy snow.

Scene 20: POV driving shot as oncoming plow passes.

Scene 21: POV driving shot passing a plow on the shoulder.

Scene 22: Shot from overpass as semi drives through heavy snow on snowdrift-covered highway.

Scene 23: Semi with flashers and a car drive across the snow covered highway.

Scene 24: SUV driving over snow drifts to get onto the highway.

Scene 25: Heavy snow falling against street light.

Scene 26: Wide shot of snow falling in highway lights.

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