Possible Tornado Touchdown near Eufaula, OK – 1/10/2020

Around 1:29 pm on January 10, 2020, we were on 9A just south of Eufaula and east of HWY 69 looking south when we captured this video of a possible brief tornado over the water.

About 10 minutes later at 1:39 pm we captured the second video looking north-northeast over Lake Eufaula at 9A and 9 just south-southeast of Eufaula. Rain curtains were wrapping from the west with strong rotation heading over the lake once again going north-northeast. Possible brief lowering towards the end of the video again.
Shot Description

Shot 1: Possible tornado touching down on/over Lake Eufaula just south of the city of Eufaula, OK on road 9A.

Shot 2: 10 minutes later looking north of Lake Eufaula at Hwy 9 and 9A strong rotation and possible brief touch down again of tornado.

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