Barron County, WI Accident In The Winter Storm – 12/30/2019

Winter storm causes problems on the roads in Barron County,WI. The video shows one accident I came upon. Road are snow and slush covered and very slippery. The video will also show the beautiful side on the storm.
Shot Description

Clip 1. Looking at the frontside of a truck that went into the ditch.
Clip 2. Looking at the backside of the truck in the ditch.
Clip 3. Looking at a side shot of the truck in the ditch.
Clip 4. Dashcam footage of the truck in the ditch.
Clip 5. Snow plow plowing a backroad.
Clip 6, Rice Lake snow plow plowing snow from main street.
Clip 7. Wide shot a sign getting covered in snow.
Clip 8. A close up shot of the sign as its blowing in the wind.
Clip 9. Dashcam footage out in the Country showing low visibilities with the snow/slush covered road.
Clip 10. Snow covered pine tree with snow falling.
Clip 11. Snow covered trees with snow falling.
Clip 12 Corn stalks blowing in the wind.

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