Chetek, WI Dangerous Thin Ice Vehicle Recovery – 12/27/2019

A side by side went through Pokegama Lake right before Christmas. No one was injured. This video package shows the recovery of the side by side. One clip shows how the ice is layered this year. I never seen the ice layered like this in all my years on the ice. The ice on area lakes aren’t safe.
Shot Description

Clip 1. The recovery team setting up their equipment for the recovery.
Clips 2-3. Britt cutting a hole in the weak ice.
Clip 4. Miles showing us how the ice is layered.
Clips 5-6. A diver getting ready for his dive.
Clips 7-8. The diver going into the water.
Clips 9-12. The side by side being pulled from the icy waters.
Clip 13. The crew pulling the rig and side by side with snowmobiles to safer ice.
Clip 14. The side by side is on safer ice.
Clip 15. The crew pulling the recovery equipment from the are back to the boat landing.

SID: Dirk Miller

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