Multiple Icy Road Crashes in Wichita, KS – 12/15/2019

Icy roads are to blame for at least one fatal crash in Wichita Sunday morning as more than two dozen crashes were reported in less than two hours on city highways as freezing rain moved in late in the morning. Crashes closed several highways and exits as crews cleaned up the wrecks left behind from the icy conditions.

One of the fatal crashes occurred on the north side of the city at I-135/I-235. That area was shut down for a couple hours.

Video package shot in Wichita documenting numerous icy road crashes along I-235 and US-400.
Shot Description
Scene 1: POV driving shot passing a four-car crash on westbound Kellogg/US-400.

Scene 2: Looking back at four-car crash with KHP trooper walking toward the cars.

Scene 3: Tight shot of severely damaged blue car as part of the four-car crash.

Scene 4: Wider shot of four-car crash with KHP on scene.

Scene 5: Shot looking back at four-car wreck.

Scene 6: Spin out crash at the US-400/I-235 junction with police on scene.

Scene 7: POV driving shot passing another multi-car wreck on US-400.

Scene 8: Shot looking back at white pickup truck as part of another multi-car wreck. White truck was blocking two lanes.

Scene 9: Tighter shot of severely damaged spun-out white truck.

Scene 10: POV driving shot approaching another multi-car wreck on eastbound US-400.

Scene 11-12: POV driving shot passing multi-car wreck with orange sideways car.

Scene 13: POV driving shot passing through an accident scene in clean-up stages.

Scene 14-15: Shot looking at semi truck stuck on the ramp from I-235 to K-96.

Scene 16: K-DOT crew member directing traffic away from closed exit ramp to K-96 from I-235.

Scene 17-18: K-DOT crews at the closure of US-400/Kellogg at Maize road in west Wichita with large accident in the background.

Scene 19-20: Police blocking eastbound Kellogg at Tyler.

Scene 21: POV driving shot in freezing drizzle with K-DOT sign warning of bad weather conditions.

Scene 22-23: Shots of K-DOT highway sign warning of hazardous travel on I-235.
SID: Tornadoes Kick Media

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