Stearns County, MN Interstate 94 pileups in snow – 12/12/2019

Another round of snow combined with near zero temps created extremely slick road conditions on Interstate 94 in Stearns County, MN that resulted in several areas of multiple vehicle piles ups.
Shot Description

Clip 1 Pile up with multiple vehicles on Interstate 94 near Saint Johns University.

Clip 2 Snow plows drive by a crash on Interstate 94 with State Patrol on the scene.

Clip 3 Two vehicles crashed on Interstate 94.

Clip 4 Tow truck recovering a red car that was involved in the pile up near Saint Johns University.

Clip 5 Several emergency vehicles on the scene with crashed vehicles.

Clip 6-7 Tight shot of a MN State Patrol SUV and a SUV in the center ditch.

Clip 8-9 Crashed Dodge Durango with the front end smashed in.

Clip 10 Snow Plows

Clip 11 Tight shot passing snow plow and plow blade.

Clip 12 POV passing a truck that rolled over on i-94.

Clip 13-18 POV drive by of several vehicles involved in a pile up near Opportunity Drive on Interstate 94.

Clip 19 Smashed pickup being recovered.

Clip 20-23 Several vehicles being recovered near Opportunity Drive on I-94

Clip 24-28 Various tight and wide shots of snow plows on Interstate 94.

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