Rice Lake, WI Heavy Snow – 12/12/2019

A band of heavy snow moved through northwestern WI early this morning. Caused a few problems around the area. Video package will show the heavy snow falling, along with some of the clean up efforts.
Shot Description

Clip 1. Snow covered vehicles with a wreck car on a tow truck that drove through the shot.

Clip 2. Barron Count y HWY dept. plowing snow.

Clips 3-4. Rice Lake Street dept. plowing snow.

Clips 5-7. Dash cam footage of people shoveling snow.

Clip 8. Snow covered pine trees with heavy snow falling.

Clip 9. Heavy snow falling.

Clip 10. Main street in Rice Lake with traffic driving through the shot.

Clip 11. A lady walking out to her truck, while another car is trying to park.

Clip 12. Someone shoveling snow in the background, while a lady and her child walking through the shot.

Clip 13. Another parking lot with snow covered vehicles.

Clip 14. Bank temp of 6 degrees above zero with heavy snow falling.

Clip 15. Snow covered car.

Clip 16. Snow covered pine tree branch.

Clip 17. County road with traffic, and snow falling.

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