Port of Miami, FL Rain Tower Camera – 12/12/2019

Bands of showers are coming in from the Atlantic Ocean into the port of Miami Florida today. Gloomy raining weather as travelers prepare to depart on cruise ships. HD video from new robotic remote camera at the port of Miami. No audio.
Shot Description

1) Port of Miami wide shot.
2) Downtown Miami skyline in heavy rain and mist.
3) Miami bay front traffic in rain.
4) Shipping cargo cranes in rain at Dodge Island port of Miami.
5) Cruise ship in rain.
6) Dark rain clouds over Miami. Up tilt wide shot.
7) Virginia Key – wide shot.
8,9) Cargo ship arriving at port.
10) Rain bands over Atlantic offshore.
11) Aviation hazard lights near camera mount.
12) Tug boats assisting cruise ship at dock.

SID: Broadwave com

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