Rice Lake, WI Winter Storm Cleanup Snow Removal – 12/1/2019

Snow removal was in full swing after the area picked up close to 17 inches of snow. Also the winter storm left behind a beautiful winter wonderland.
Shot Description
Clip 1. Close up shot of the snow removal efforts on main street in Rice Lake, WI.
Clip 2. Wide shot of the snow cleanup.
Clip 3. Someone snow blowing with a very happy dog.
Clip 4. Someone shoveling snow from a sidewalk.
Clip 5. Bank temp with light snow falling.
Clip 6 through 9. Snow scenes.
Clip 10. Icicles.
Clip 11. Another shot of the snow cleanup with traffic and a person going through the shot.
Clip 12 Same person in clip 4 shoveling another part of the sidewalk.
Clip 13. Ice chunks on Red Cedar river.

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